Monday, February 11, 2008

Most Expensive Offering in City of Rochester

The snow is blowing and the wind-chill is below zero tonight and so it's a good time to dream of living somewhere else. That is, until you look at the price of housing.

One of Rochester's most magnificent homes, the Charlotte Whitney Allen Home on Oliver Street is currently on the market. The 6000 sq foot museum-quality mansion complete with gardens designed by renowned landscape designer Fletcher Steele are being offered for a mere $879,900. photo tour and home details at:

By comparison, a similar mansion is being offered in San Francisco. It's a little larger, approximately 7,400 sq feet but is located on a lot less than half the size of the Rochester home. The Californian home does boast 7 full baths, compared to our local offering of 4 full and 2 half. The price tag? Well, are you sitting down? $14,950,000. But at this price, light fixtures and window treatments are excluded.

Of course, the New York home does come with property taxes in excess of $20,000 per year. And after 500 years or so, you would be better off if you purchased the west coast mansion.

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