Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Flies

Gosh, it's the middle of February and the blog still screams "Happy Holidays!" No, I've not gotten fat and lazy this winter. It's been extremely busy.

I started the new year on January 2nd, by working with three different buyers that day and I've been running ever since. Just as predicted, the spring market hit Rochester early this year even if the weather was still winter-like. And for all the running, houses are not flying off the market. It seems that there is a lot of looking, a lot of tire-kicking and a lot of sitting on the fence but not a lot of contract writing.

As an example, I showed a house to one of my clients last week that had been on the market for six weeks. She liked it and we wrote an offer, a decent offer although not full price. Within several hours of our offer being submitted, there were two additional offers submitted and the property sold for more than asking but not to my buyer. When I asked the listing agent where these offers came from he explained that the people had looked at the property weeks early but weren't willing to write until they thought someone else was going it get it. They sat on the fence, hoping the price would drop and instead had to pay over asking to procure the property.

I did land a case of pneumonia this week and while laying low recuperating, I sorted through some photographs I've taken of Rochester this winter and put together a slide show. I hope you enjoy it.