Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting your Home Ready for the Photographer!

Fashion models don’t pop out of bed and get in front of a camera.  Houses shouldn't either!   When your home goes on the market, the buying public will truly scrutinize the photos of your home as they determine whether or not they even want to visit it.  

 Here are a few guidelines for getting home ready for a photo shoot.  As you go through each room, remember less is more because even the most attractive items can look like clutter in a photograph.

In winter, driveway and walkways clear of snow.
In summer, grass freshly cut and raked.
Hedges and bushes trimmed.
Trash cans, bikes, toys out of sight.
Porch, front stoop, front door decorated  but modestly.
Cars removed from driveway.

Clear counters.  Leave one small appliance and one or two decorative items (bowl fruit, etc.)
Hide dish drains, dish detergent, etc.
Eliminate refrigerator magnet clutter.
New or clean, fresh dish towels neatly hung.
Simple place settings at table or breakfast bar

Clear all clutter
China cabinets & curio cabinets sparsely furnished.  
Set table but keep place setting simple as to avoid a cluttered look. 

Living room
Eliminate newspapers, magazines, and other media.
Do not store items under the couches...they show.
Put away toys and simplify decorative items.
Turn off televisions.
Open curtains.  Turn on lamps (soft light is better than bright or harsh)

Make the beds.  Every wrinkle shows up in photographs, so do it carefully.  Fresh pillow cases or pillow covers help. 
Either have a bed skirt or do not store items under the bed.
Put away personal belongings, eliminate clutter.
Open windows.  Turn on lamps with soft light.

Eliminate all personal and beauty items
Hang new or clean towels.
Clean mirrors.
Close toilet seats.

Open curtains.   Turn on lights.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Looking for Tranquility? Look No Further.

Coming to market next week, a beautiful Scottsville home with 65 acres that offers incredible views, unparalleled tranquility, lush perennial gardens and a fantastic home.  First showings, Thursday, September 12th.  Call me for more information.