Wednesday, November 25, 2015

National Re-Read Your Home Inspection Report Day

It seems we have a holiday for everything.  There is the upcoming day to give thanks plus we have a day to recognize moms and dads and grandparents and even secretaries.  A few weeks ago I heard  it was National Adoption Day.  We have a day to appreciate cats and dogs and even groundhogs.  And it seems there is a day to recognize every type of cancer imaginable.  Well, I'd like to propose a new holiday.

I think we should call it National Re-Read Your Home Inspection Report Day.  You know, that document you received about a week or so after your offer was accepted from some guy with a ladder who poked around for a couple of hours to find everything wrong possible with the property.  You remember, that document that caused you to go pale as you read it and kept you awake half the night thinking about it?  Chances are, if you've already made a mortgage payment or two or twenty, that report is in the back of your closet (or hard drive) collecting dust (or whatever collects on untouched computer files).

Often the next time that report is thought about is years later when you are signing on the dotted line to put your house on the market.  Gee, let's see what the buyer's home inspector might say about our house!

Unfortunately, what may have been a little minor notation five or ten years ago could now be a major defect if it wasn't taken care of properly.  For example, a little water infiltration could require a $5 tube of caulk to remedy but if it is not taken care of, could cost thousands to replace structural rot. Chimneys are another area that rapidly deteriorate if they don't get the attention they need.  It's never fun to fix a chimney or roof or furnace but it is even less fun to do it to sell your house.

I often tell buyers to go through the report and make a list of what's deal killers (items that the seller must take care of before we will go forward) and put the other items on a "honey-do" list.  Unfortunately, in the excitement of moving in, unpacking and decorating that honey do list tends to be forgotten.  So, let's designate a day to find our reports and read them.  And rather than being lulled to sleep like a plate of turkey, let's take action to repair and maintain our properties.  

Happy Thanksgiving friends.  I hope the day brings you good food, good times with family and friends and many new wonderful memories.