Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We are in a panic here. I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my husband's family.

Before I got into real estate I use to think real estate agents were domestic goddesses, second only to Martha Stewart. After all, we're the ones that tell people how to make a house look like it belongs in a magazine so it will sell quickly. But after five years of the 24-7 realtor life style, my dust bunnies have turned into dust gorillas. Aggressive dust gorillas!

And then there is the cooking part. I don't do much of it anymore. In fact, we do our part to support the local economy by eating out at least 7 times a week and some weeks up to 14 times. (We're still very practiced at pouring the Cheerios around here.) This should be interesting.

The point is, I doubt I get around to much blogging this week. So please, have a safe and happy holiday and make the most of the precious time with your love ones.

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