Sunday, July 15, 2007

Your Insurance Is Canceled

In late May, my husband and I became the proud owners of a two bedroom home in the South Wedge in Rochester, NY. We never planned to become landlords but in an effort to help a family member that needed a place to live, we put an offer in on this small house the first day it came on the market. Eight weeks later, we handed over a very big check and then the family members decided Rochester, NY was not the place they wanted to call home. Oh well!

So we put out a for rent sign, got a ton of phone calls and choose some very nice tenants that are moving in this week. In the meantime, my husband has spent every waking hour that's not been on his job, painting and cleaning and hauling out stuff t0 make the place as nice as possible. Everything seemed to be coming together okay and then the mail was delivered yesterday.

"Thank you for allowing us to provide your Rental Dwelling Policy," the letter from State Farm Insurance started.

"You are welcome," I thought out loud.

"We are sorry that we cannot continue this insurance. Therefore, your policy is being canceled as of August 3, 2007," were the second and third sentences of the letter.

The letter went on to list the "deficiencies in the physical condition of the building." Actually, they didn't list the deficiencies. They gave a list of orders, such as, "Repair the broken, cracked, and raised areas of the front and side concrete walkway to reduce the trip and fall hazard."

The letter ended with some friendly advice. "For your protection, you are urged to obtain other insurance to prevent any lapse in coverage."

If I were to write down what went through my mind next, my blog might be censored. We agree with the list of deficiencies. In fact, we already have contractors scheduled for next week to give estimates on these and other deficiencies. What is so frustrating is they say they surveyed the property on June 8, 2007. This letter is dated June 29, 2007. It was not received until July 14, 2007 and it is canceling our insurance effective August 3, 2007. And nowhere in the letter does it give us the opportunity to make repairs and continue coverage. It is flat out, You are Canceled, Go find other Insurance."

Maddening! What makes me even more angry, this is a company and insurance agent that I've recommended numerous times in the past six months. Never again!
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