Monday, July 30, 2007

SOLD - First Day on the Market!

I've not been able to say those sweet words in a while! Sold: First Day on the Market. It sounds so good. I could say it over and over, but won't.

The secret to my success? Don't tell anyone but it is great homeowners. The home was spotless clean, attractively decorated and they listed it at a fair price.

The sellers had one request. Try to avoid showings during nap time. So we signed all the papers, took photos and put it on the market. A few hours later, we get a phone call and guess what? They wanted to see it right in the middle of nap time. The sellers said OK, but please whisper, and the rest is history.

The Rochester, NY real estate market is slow compared to recent years. But if your home is clean, well maintained and priced right, it should sell rather quickly.
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