Friday, September 05, 2008

The Real Estate Dog

I lost my business partner this week. Tasha, our beloved Lab and Rottweiler mix, loved to sleep in my home office and so we nicknamed her "The Real Estate Dog." And she was so attuned to my routines that as I would prepare to leave for a business appointment, she would plant herself at the back door, wag her tail and plead to go with me.

"No, Tasha, I'm not selling dog houses today. You'll going to have to stay home," is what I'd say to her almost every day. And when I came home, she was always excited to see me, whether or not I got the listing or made the sale.

She was such a focus of our daily routine, that her passing has left a huge void. The grieving process is particularly painful right now. And so if I'm slow to return your call or respond to your e-mail, please understand I'm not myself right now.
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