Saturday, September 27, 2008

FHA Changes Rules on Buying a Second Property!

I've worked with many a first time homebuyers that have long term goals of building a portfolio of investment property. Often they start with a starter home with plans to stay there for just a few years. As they get more established in careers, they plan to buy a bigger and better home but retain the starter home for rental income. Well, that scenario is about to become a whole lot more difficult to pull off.
Labeled 'Buy and Bail' FHA lenders and other mortgage providers will not provide funding to homeowner that have vacated a principle residence to buy a new residence unless the homeowner is taking a new job or is transferred in an excising job and the new work location is not a reasonable commute. As part of the conditions for the new mortgage, the landlord will need to produce signed leases (of at least one year after the loan is closed!!) as well as proof of security deposits and first months rent. The only other exception is if the owner has at least 25% equity in the property.

These changes in regulations were necessary because of problems in other parts of the country. Homeowners were vacating their existing principle residence and purchasing new residences to either take advantage of home buying opportunities due to stagnant markets or to relocate closer to work due to the rise price of gas. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you are a bargain hunter), Rochester's property values has held steady and it is consider one of the easiest cities for commuting. Nevertheless, these changes are nation wide and Rochester homebuyers will need to abide by them.
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