Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Why Do I Blog???

Something about the first of January brings on soul searching. A time to look and analyze the year that just finished and to make plans, goals and resolutions for the new. And since it's been about a year that I've been blogging, it seems a good time to explore why.

Writing comes natural to me, kind of. I come from a family of journalist. My dad was a sports writer and my uncle recently retired with 47 years as a business writer with the Baltimore Sun. I studied journalism at the Univ of Maryland. I was suppose to grow up and be a journalist. Problem is, I'm not very good at it. Sure, I can put sentences together that make sense but it takes me hours to produce what a pro does in a few minutes. Since journalist must meet deadlines and answer to editors, I decided to get into real estate.

I believe blogging has made me a better real estate agent. When I decide to write about something, I do my best to research the topic and provide accurate information. After all, I believe my largest audience is other real estate agents and they love to let me know when something is not quite correct.

My biggest blogging dilemma is that when business is slow and I have all the time in the world to agonize over every written word, I don't have much to say. After all, it is tough to find inspiration in a phone that never rings. But let me pick up a couple of new listings or buyers, and I get overwhelmed with all the ideas I could write about. I am hoping that my new team approach to blogging, with contributions from a mortgage loan officer, home inspector and real estate attorney will allow for a more consistent flow of information as well as more interesting reading material.
I do plan to continue blogging through 2008 and I hope you will continue to stop by often and occasionally leave a few words of encouragement or suggest a topic you'd like to read about. Best wishes for 2008 and may all your real estate dealings be pleasant and profitable! Enjoy the following clip from a fellow realtor from Virginia who is obviously a lot more clever than I am.
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