Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mayor Duffy Wants to Know What I Think!

No I didn't get a phone call! Or a personal letter! But I did get a survey stuck into our storm door.
It's number crunching time at Rochester's City Hall and Mayor Bob Duffy has asked for neighborhood feedback regarding fees, taxes and services.

"What are the most important services to you and your neighborhood?", the survey asks. To me, that's pretty easy. Police protection and fighting crime are utmost important to me. Keeping our streets clear of snow is also a priority and I sure feel better about our city when it is clean and clear of liter.

Next, the survey asks, "What services are nice to have, but you could live without if cuts had to be made?" That's a little more difficult question for me. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've not been to the library in more than ten year, so that is a service I could life without. But a city without libraries, is almost as bad as cake without ice cream. My husband suggested that trash pickup be changed to every two weeks instead of every week, but I think that would be pretty stinky in the summer.

There are more questions, like "What are the City services that you and your neighbors believe you do not need?" I don't have an answer for that one. I can see what the mayor wants some advice, but hopefully he also surveyed people much smarter than I am.

I wish I had better answers for the mayor. Nonetheless, I'm glad he asked. It sure feels like he cares what I think and if I had some good ideas for him, he'd listen to them. Bob Duffy is one of the many reasons I'm glad I call Rochester home.
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