Wednesday, March 23, 2011

$5,000 Over Asking Is Not Enough!!!

I like it where I live and apparently so do some other people. Last weekend I wrote an offer for $5000 over asking and I’m sorry to say the house went to another bidder! Why did we offer so much? Well, we lost a house the week before by writing only a thousand over asking. That’s pretty amazing considering there are parts of the Rochester area where houses sit on the market for weeks and months, sometime without even a showing.

The Ellwanger Barry neighborhood, also known as the Highland neighborhood, provides a nice stock of classic American Foursquare homes along tree-lined city streets. It is convenient to the U of R as well as Strong and Highland Hospitals and since last week was Match Day (the day when medical students find out where they will train as residents) the competition for housing is fierce.

Fortunately, my clients are not young doctors. Instead, they are a professional family that wants to leave the suburbs for the convenience of city living. They are not on the rigid timeframe although they are anxious to start their new life. Hopefully, the next house we write on will be the one. But if not, it may be the next.

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