Friday, March 31, 2017

Breakfast in Rochester

I recently asked my buddies on Facebook where to go for the best breakfast in Rochester.  The recommendations came in fast and furious and so I decided to check out some of the recommendations.  

This morning I headed just a few block from where I live to the South Wedge Diner, located at 880 S. Clinton Ave.  It was a rainy, dreary day in Rochester and a warm breakfast just seemed a good way to break the mood.  There was a nice sized crowd there (although many had left by the time I took the photo) but the place is big enough that it didn't feel crowded or noisy.  And lots of windows let in natural light, even though it was dreary outside.

Friends had suggested their omelets and so I went for it!  I had a spinach, tomato & cheddar cheese omelet and it was outstanding.    

South Wedge diner opens at 7 am seven days a week but on Sunday's their menu is limited to breakfast food.  If today's meal was typical, I'll be back.
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