Monday, April 06, 2009

How Quickly are Houses Selling In Rochester?

Very, very, very quickly!

Case in point, a new listing came up Friday afternoon. There were no photos but my clients decided to drive by anyway. They called me from the driveway and said we want want to see this. I pull up the listing and there is not even a flowery description of the property and call to get the appointment. There is no sign in the yard so I drive right by it but we get to see it first thing Sunday morning. They really, really like it but we decide to look at an open house that afternoon to compare the properties. No comparison!

We sit down last evening and write an offer. I don't even call the agent ahead of time because, heck, he hasn't even posted photos yet so no one is going to find this property, right? WRONG! Full price offer accepted just hours before ours was submitted.

This was not a starter home either. It was 2500 sq feet in the $200,000 range. So, yes, houses in Rochester are selling very, very quickly.
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