Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome Back David!

Most of my real estate dealings are residential transactions but every once in a while I get to dabble in commercial real estate. I was tickled pink when my friend David Soldi called me when he decided he want to open his own salon and spa. We spent several months searching until we found a nice spot in East Rochester.

Finding the spot was easy compared to what followed. For the next few months, David worked day and night to transform a cute but very 1980's beauty shop in to a sleek and stylish salon and day spa, named L. David Salon.

Just as David got the finishing touches done on the salon, his doctor insisted that he he have surgery on his shoulder last summer. During his recovery from shoulder surgery, an aneurysm was located behind his liver. On January 3, 2008, he entered Highland Hospital for the surgery. He was in intensive care for weeks and in the hospital for months. Eventually, he was even treated for MRSA and was told over and over how lucky he was to be alive.

Due to a very dedicated and loyal staff, L. David Salon never missed a day of operation while David was recuperating. And I'm pleased to tell everyone that starting today, David is back to work. In addition, he has some exciting new products and plans for his business.

So, if you like to be treated very special when you have your hair or nails done, I'd suggest you check out L. David Salon. Their web site is http://www.ldavidsalon.com/ or you can call 385.7550 for an appointment and directions. I apologize for such a direct endorsement but I am so excited to have David back!
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