Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Culv-Wint - Another Hot Rochester Neighborhood

It's been a couple of crazy real estate days.....typical real estate feast or famine. It started Sunday evening when I received a call from an agent saying she was very excited to be faxing an offer for one of my listings. I was excited too until I learned that it was $19,000 less than asking. My sellers were not too excited either and refused to respond to the offer.

Then Monday morning I got two offers in on a multi-family listing located near Rochester's Public Market. One was a low ball offer from an out-of-town investor that has never visited the property and the other was a decent offer from local investors. I'm pleased to report that the hometown boys got the deal!

Monday afternoon featured a long anticipated offer on a listing in Livingston County. Shocks of all shocks, this offer was $30,000 under asking and contingent on a rehab loan! This is not a rehab house. It was built in the 1960 and is dated but it is not a rehab house. Needless to say, this house is still on the market.

Monday ended with writing an offer on a new listing for a single family home in the Culv-Wint (northeast Rochester) neighborhood. Unfortunately, two other agents also wrote offers and one was significantly over asking (not ours!) We were lucky to even get in to see this home. Three others that we called about were all sold within 48 hours of listing.
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