Thursday, February 02, 2012

Music to My Ears

I had a client say something to me yesterday that I don't hear very often.

"Gee, this house looks better in person than it does on line."

Why are those such rare words?  Well, too many homebuyers decide not to look at anything that does look great on-line.

Unfortunately, photos sometimes lie.  And while many of us get lured in by a stunning on-line presence of a so-so house, there are many great houses that get totally ignored simply because the agent didn't have a wide angle lens or didn't know how to shoot a room with lots of daylight streaming into the viewfinder or other photography skill.

The house that my client looked at wasn't the right house for them but I was so pleased that they took my advice and looked beyond the poor images.  It is just a matter of time till we bump into the right house.

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